Thursday, March 10, 2011

February CQ JQ's

I'm well into my March JQ  but suddenly remembered that I hadn't post February's effort.  I finished the stitching on this at the retreat last month and a couple of people said they didn't think it needed the final stage of burning away the organza with a heat gun. That threw me, we discussed it some more until Judy said "You made it to distress it, go ahead" And that clinched it, I made this JQ to try out the technique so went ahead - and immediately regretted my first attempts. But as I've come to recognise that I often don't 'work through' my mistakes I kept going and removed more organza than I'd originally planned, and now I've got more or less what I expected. I have been amazed at how the appearance of this piece has changed as it's gone through the different processes, so it's been a good exercise for me.

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