Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March JQ

I had lots of fun this month - I used a stencil cut from freezer paper for the first time. I can't believe I've not done that before. I much prefer the fragmented version I used as a border for this piece than the whole image which is currently rather stark - too much gold!

The background is 'pieced' using 505 spray. I love using scraps in this way and continue to search for less labour intensive ways of doing this, than piecing. I don't mind the raw edges but it entails a lot of quilting to make sure that the overlapping fabric doesn't flap around too much. You can see a white gap where 1/4" spacing didn't catch the fabric:

The stencil was based on a Saxon stamp. The top picture reflects the colour better - too much gold!


magsramsay said...

Love that fragmented background!

Margaret Cooter said...

The white gap can be "repaired" with a felt pen...