Friday, May 13, 2011

So that's a no then!

It seems that I'm not the only one who likes the capability of blogs to allow readers and writers the opportunity share ideas, information and pictures. Hurray! I found it interesting that some people who replied, both through the comments and personally, considered themselves technophobes ...... hmmm you blog, e-mail, leave comments?

I still don't really understand the value of Facebook - I recently made a deliberate attempt to widen my circle of 'Friends' thinking that that might give me a better understanding of what Facebook can offer me, but that hasn't happened ... yet!

I really enjoyed Twitter when I was at work. I was in a couple of overlapping networks whose members posted information, shared resources and helped answer one another's queries. I liked the pace and the pertinence of the posts. It may be that I'm 'following' the wrong people but the majority of posts that I see are simply links to recent blog posts and require a further click to read something that is probably in my feedreader already! 

Me - sound like a grumpy old woman???  Probably, but when things appear so universal you have to give them a try, but then I had a BigMac ...... once.

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