Friday, June 10, 2011

Be careful what you say ...

.. you never know what trouble you can get yourself into, or so my mother used to tell me!

I'm not in trouble, but I am short of time. Last year on seeing the floor plans for FOQ I commented, with disappointment, that the proportion of quilts to traders appeared to have shifted in favour of the traders*. I like shopping, but I like to see a good selection of quilts too.

The friend that I made the remark to had the easiest of answers 'Where is your quilt?' and of course I hadn't entered and acknowledged that I could help reverse the trader/quilt ratio next year.

Lesson 1 - Be careful what you say you never know what trouble you can get yourself into

Last month I realised that it is "next year" and registered for the traditional (!) category with only a vague idea in mind. It was simple and striking ... and it didn't work

Lesson 2 - Always plan the visual, visually

So instead, I decided to remake a piece I made over ten years ago. That piece was half the size of the current one and used reverse machine applique. The current quilt is machine pieced with a fair amount of needle turned hand applique. And I'm loving every minute of it! Mind you I haven't got round to fitting the last pieces together (tomorrow) or the quilting of it yet.

Lesson 3 - ignore Plan A, go straight to Plan B in future, it's how things usually work out anyway.

And just to add the obligatory photo, here is some of the fabric:

* And the final irony is that there were actually more quilts last year not less!


Cathy said...

Yeaaah. You have to be careful of that. I often end up getting myself into more things than I intend from making comments like that!

Good luck on your project!

Mai-Britt Axelsen said...

Looking forward to seeing your quilt there!

Sandra Wyman said...

Love the colours and really looking forward to seeing it!