Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So why am I enjoying making a traditional quilt?

And the answer seems to be there is no 'one' answer. but several thoughts, recorded here for thinking about later:
  • It isn't truly a traditional quilt, it's an interpretation of an artifact in fabric, using traditional techniques, and mostly, commercial fabrics
  • I have enjoyed the drafting stage, placement of registration marks etc.
  • I hadn't planned to do as much applique as I have. I've always enjoyed needle turn as a technique but don't like fidget of things like floral bouquets for which it is often used. So the geometric shapes I've been creating have been fun. Early success matching points helped. (I'm not a paid up member of the quilt police, but I do believe that if you are doing something you do it as well as you can!)
  • Matching, pinning, piecing is slow but has been surprisingly satisfying
  • Because I'm on a tight time scale, I've thrown myself into this, ignoring most potential distractions
  • I've set my self small targets. I've not always reached them but the targets are part of a bigger plan and have helped dispel the ennui that was creeping into retirement.
  • I can see how some skills have moved on and have even been able to use some of my 'contemporary' knowledge to fix a fabric problem. You don't often get the chance to reflect on your own development.

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Victoria said...

I'm intrigued!