Saturday, June 18, 2011

That fabric problem

The colour palette for my FOQ entry is warm reds through to yellows and browns.  Because some of the fabrics I'm working with are remnants from the earlier version, finding new ones to fit in was not so easy. Warm brick reds have obviously had their day, plum is the new red!

That said I initially did quite well, until I decided that I wanted a red with a yellow figuring on it. What to do? I couldn't find a stencil that had the right proportions and would a yellow work on a red background anyway? Stamping was too risky, the looseness that I love from a hand made stamp would not sit well with the commercial fabrics. Then talk of the use of Fabrico pens on the 12bythe dozen website, provided the answer to my prayers (Thank you Hilary!) If I could find a red fabric with white figuring I could use the pens to colour out the white. brilliant! In desperation I ordered fabric over the Internet. When it arrived it was obvious that the white was truly white and in just the right proportion to the red, but the red itself was far too blue to fit in. All this just a few days before the top should be finished.

And then the light bulb moment, the white need to be yellow, the red needed to be warmer - I colour the lot. Yay! No yellow dye in my depleted dye store. Boo! A sense of panic is tickling around the edges and in a do or die (Should that be dye?) moment the acrylic paints came out.  Result -  one happy quilter:

My monitor still doesn't show just how blue red the original fabric is!

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Mai-Britt Axelsen said...

That is a great story, thanks for sharing. This is one of the reasons I read blogs - if I'm lucky, I learn something!