Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thread choices

For the last umpteen years I've been a Superior kind of stitcher. Whatever the task, piecing, quilting, applique, Superior thread has met the challenge but .... this new machine I have seems less fond of some of their range. I've been hearing a lot about Aurofil Threads recently and have been wondering about giving it a try, but replacing my stash of Superior threads is not an option until I find a proven replaccemet so where do I begin? The 40 w cotton sounds interesting - plenty of different options, including hand stitching, is this the place to start?


Hilary said...

Not sure what machine you have, but Mai-Brit is an Aurofil person. I had heard they were slightly difficult to source in the UK but that may be rumour. The Guild is now sponsoring Wonderfil threads which have arrived with an excellent reputation from Canada (10% discount if you order online from York). My own thread drawers are full of every brand and I don't have any favourites - Madeira, Superior, Valdani, YLI, Sulky, Gutermann - you name it. I tend to go for the colour rather then the name. Shame your machine doesn't like Superior.


Superior Threads said...

Which type of machine are you using? We have reference guides which will help with tension settings, thread choices, troubleshooting, etc.
We would love to have you continue as a Superior Quilter. We guarantee our threads will work on any machine.
Thank you for using our threads!

Linda B. said...

Hi Superior Threads of 'No reply' e-mail address. I'm happy to say that I won't be deserting you completely. I've a Pfaff QE4 with a drop-in bobbin that seems to be limiting my tension control. As a result I'm finding your gorgeous Perfect Quilter thread a little relucatant to quilt perfectly, or even as well as I could on my previous Pfaff! It also doesn't seem to like your Super Bobs, particularly in conjunction with the thread cutter.
That said King Tut still runs like a dream so I guess I'll just have to buy more of that in future

Maricel and Todd said...
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Superior Threads said...

Most drop in bobbins have a way to adjust the tension but it's not as clear cut as adjusting the screw on a bobbin case. Happy to hear that you're not leaving us :)
Our King Tut is a better thread than our Perfect Quilter, it's finer and has less lint. Try taking off one of the cardboard sides from the superbobs and see if that helps bobbin flow.