Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Big Red Moon

Ever wanted to stop in the middle of a motorway and take a photograph? That's what happened to me as I drove along the M56 this evening. The motorway bends gently left and right and rolls over the countryside giving glimpses of the moon, which tonight appeared to be very big and red, not unlike this one over Battersea Bridge, though it was actually much lower than the one in this picture, which increased the visual impact no end!

There are plenty of theories on the web about this moon illusion, but I just prefer to look and enjoy ....


Dianne Robinson said...

Last fall we were entertained by a perigees moon. It was the largest harvest moon that I have ever seen.

It's special to see - and how can we plan for it so we're ready to take "that" shot.

Margaret Cooter said...

Driving up the long stretch of road for the evening hospital visit several years ago (in Canada), we noticed something peculiar about the moon, midway up the sky ahead of us - later we learned about the total eclipse that evening!