Friday, March 02, 2012

Catching up

The last month has been really full so there has been a lot of juggling going on. Last week I was back at Glenthorne with members of Contemporary Quilt. We were all working on our own projects which is always interesting as we had people sketching, painting fabric, hand stitching as well as working on their machines. In the evening we had talks from amongst our group - Judy Fairless talked about the inspiration for her 201122 JQ series on Chinese Heads and Magie Relph talked about the process of making glass beads bringing us right up to date with issues around fair trade.I had to come home a day early so missed Gillian Travis's talk about her recent visit to India but we're meeting up over the coming weeks so I'll be able to catch up and she has some amazing photos on Facebook.
Perhaps the best thing for me was that with other people's input, thanks Mags , I resolved my design for the forthcoming cq@10 exhibition. It's a juried exhibition so no more for now!
The weather was typically wet but amazingly warm - I had to go out and buy t-shirts to replace the woolly layers that I'd packed!

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