Thursday, March 15, 2012

First steps

There is a style of work that I like - it's very graphic but often quite loose, and it's the looseness that I particularly like. I've been collecting exponents of the style for a while e.g. Jane LaFazio, Jim Butler and Gillian Bates , it's Gillian Bates work that is the tidiest but she is the only one of this trio that works entirely in fabric. I've wanted to try something like this for a while but the other me has been holding back.  But having challenged a group of stitchers that I meet with occasionally to become clearer about their personal challenges and plans to meet them I had to come up with a challenge of my own and this is it.  My plan is to 'work in the style of' to see whether I have the skills and ideas to make something of my own. This is good for me because it is something that I can work at intermittently without fear of failure. I 'work in the style of' until either my own style and subject matter evolve from the exercise or they don't ... the first attempt:

Any feedback, help, ideas will be gratefully received! The 'What if?' part of this process is probably the bit I'm worst at.


Leo said...

first of all I'm not an artist - I'm happy as long as I can draw sketches with rulers and geometric formulas...
But I have to say the 3 artists you want to "draw like" have to my eye 3 very different stiles.
There is Jane, she's rough/raw and colourful. Then there is Jim with the strong dominant black lines and wahsy colours and "small views". And last but not least Gillian with very detailed thin lined drawings with a few colour patches that keep within the lines and fill them completely and a wide view.

I think you need to find out which of the three styles you want to use - or if you want to mix them.
The drawing you did is mostly Jane-ish, but not quite as you use double lines... if the tag is meant as part of it than the way the grey fills a seemingly random part is Jim's way, the precision with wich the pattern on the little tag is drawn reminds more of Gillian, though the abstract curls etc are more Jane. It's really hard to put that all into words.

Ahh well I have too much time .. and I hope my babbling made some sense to you and I hope it helps you meet your challenge.

Margaret Cooter said...

Good plan! Even out-and-out copying cannot but lead to "in the style of" - because during the replication, you'll see something you want to do differently.
Er - you were planning to do one style at a time??