Thursday, March 08, 2012

Over the moors to Ripponden

Today I visited Gillian Travis as part of a skill swap, my knowledge of websites for Gillian's knowledge of quilt making - I know who has come off best so far! With Gillian was Sue who was responsible for the photography in Gillian's book:

As ever Gillian was very generous with her materials and knowledge and I learned to screenprint from the beginning, rather than the middle as has happened previously! When I arrived I realised that I'd given no thought to what I wanted to work on so I came to a bit of a stand still by mid-afternoon but the drive home gave me enough brain space for lots of ideas to come flooding in!

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Sue Hiscoe said...

I had a fab time with you and Gillian and am truely inspired from what was a casual and curious interest - I have loads of ideas and have already put them into put them in to practice ! EXCITING ! Thank you.