Wednesday, April 04, 2012

A different kind of day

To say that yesterday was invigorating makes Margaret's visit to Manchester sound more like a cold shower than the energising day that it was. We talked, we viewed "Under That Cloud" including the  piece with a "polyphony of virtual space" - What? We talked, we lunched, we saw "COTTON: Global Threads" and were mesmerised by Liz Rideal's dropped sari drapery, we talked and finally listened to Idris Khan talk about his work - the reason for Margaret's visit.  Even though we only saw it as a slide I really liked* his piece "Homage to Bernd Becher". The quality of the line really makes you look really hard at a subject that would normally not deserve a second glance.
I had forgotten how much I enjoy this kind of input and it made me realise how easy it is to become lazy and miss the opportunites that are available.

*Ironic italics!

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Margaret Cooter said...

I too "liked" the work - those are ironic quotes! It was a "nice" combination of activities! (And henceforward we try to avoid the "L word", and the "N word", in talking about art....)