Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Learning to play - again

This time at a NWCQ day led by fellow members Elizabeth and Judy who are excellent teachers. The theme was taking a photo as inspiration  and as usual I seemed to have the wrong photos! I borrowed one of Judy's which came from the exterior of Liverpool's Metropolitan Cathedral (Or perhaps it was Coventry she said!) and selected a very small area.

And these were the results - not a lot for three hours work, but as ever the company was the best bit of the day! 



Sandra Wyman said...

Good to see these again Linda - makes me blush for my own efforts (or lack thereof!) But I plan to go back to it.

Liesbeth Williams said...

These pieces you have done are really interesting, Linda. I particularly like the one with the dark colour on the left hand side, and the lime green in the middle. You should do a big textile just like that! It is really good. Sorry I missed the day, see you next time I hope, Liesbeth