Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Leaving comments

Has anyone else been put off leaving a comment on a blog by the word verification doodah. The one that asks you to type barely legible gobbledegook before your comment is accepted? I've decided to turn mine off - the posts appear either on my blog or in my gmail inbox, both of which already have excellent spam filters. If I get deluged with offers of undesirable products I'll turn it back on again but I suspect all will be fine as it is!

I was going to add a picture of some "pork luncheon meat" to illustrate this post - but I couldn't do it. Just looking at the images made my stomach churn. Instead take a look at this reminder of a gorgeous tart eaten this weekend:


Sandra Wyman said...

Must actually get around to making this recipe! And yes I do find blogger word verification doodah irritating

Margaret Cooter said...

The word doodah annoyed me too. Since I've turned it off - about 24 hrs ago - I've had two long spam comments in my inbox, ostensibly attached to posts, which didn't appear on the posts or in the blogger spam. Which confuses me...