Sunday, August 26, 2012

Let battle commence!

I tend to stock up on thread at FOQ and this year I did so with more purpose than usual. I stopped off to talk to the makers of the thread that withstood little additional tension and was listened to carefully. I was given a replacement reel and a telephone number to call if I still had problems which seems fair enough to me. But mainly I was on the look out for a thread combination that will be acceptable to the Prima Donna that does my stitching aka my sewing machine. So - on the left Wonderfil Konfetti a 50wt thread and on the right some Aurifil 50wt.

Those of you who know Aurifil bobbins will realise that thanks to the sales talk of Meg Leach I have a few other threads to try too!!

I intend to work with both threads on parallel projects to see how they compare. Already I know that I'd prefer to work with the Aurifil because I love the range of colours but I also know that it'll be my machine that has the final say!

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