Thursday, August 30, 2012

The difference that quilting makes

I routinely forget to think about how I will quilt a piece until the top is made. Not only that - I am still surprised at how the quilting impacts on the quilt. Take this top made from hand-dyed fabric:

Although I liked this as it was, I had a limited amount of fabric and was unable to make this section any larger. So I added a wide asymmetric border, but that was too dark - time to have some fun. I added squares of a complementary colour to the square above then threw on some smaller squares cut from the scraps of the main fabric. At this point things are relatively loose (For me!):

Then after a little deliberation I added a square spiral of quilting around each block of contrast colour and filled in the remaining spaces with a similar spiral and now have something much tighter than I would have imagined!

I had thought that I would add some arabesque swirls to the border but I think the contrast might be too great. Time to re-think the border and perhaps, finally, time to learn to consider the quilting just a little earlier in the process!!!

UPDATE: I have taken up Nina-Marie's invitation to link to a new feature on Nina-Marie Sayre's blog. Nina-Marie is inviting art quilters to show what they're working on. The links will show up every Friday. Please take a look at what others are up to and leave a comment. 


Sandra Wyman said...

The quilting makes it look gorgeous - looking forward to seeing what you decide about the border

Nina Marie said...

wow - wonderful!! love the colors and the quilting!! I'm hosting Off the Wall Fridays where you link up with other art quilters who are sharing what's on their design walls. Loved to have you share tomorrow!

wholly jeanne said...

Love seeing the evolution. The black on 2 sides and the quilting really take it to the next level.

Silvia Dell'Aere said...

I also am always delighted by the difference a good quilting can do!
Great piece. Love it!

Deborah, Daisychain Quilter said...

I love how your quilt has changed at each stage. But the quilting really enhances the finished design. The quilt is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I am right with you -- whimsically putting together some beautiful colors and then enjoying what the texture of thread does to it. Not everything needs to be all that planned out. Enjoy the freedom to create on a whim. It's a beautiful, colorful piece!

Dianne Robinson said...

Quilting really does make the quilt and you've really done a lovely job. How big is the piece?