Friday, October 12, 2012

Lisa Walton workshop

Today I went on a workshop by Lisa Walton on her 'Crystallisation' technique. I love making new fabric from strips and scraps and this was right up my street. In fact in some ways this was nothing new to me but Lisa's method was much quicker and more structured than anything I've done when exploring piecing like this so this will give me more control when I work on my own pieces.

The class was a very comfortable one to be in, there was plenty of encouragement but no pressure. Nor did Lisa expect us all to produce a clone of teacher's work which was useful because I used the class to try to develop my ability to shift the colour across the surface of the work.

These aren't my usual colours but there is a luminosity about this, so far, that I'm really pleased with.

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Unknown said...

Lisa you are great workshop done. thanks for sharing your project.
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