Saturday, October 20, 2012

Moving on

This week I've added a bit more to the piece started in the Lisa Walton workshop:

I'm not sure whether to add an asymmetric border to this as I did with my last piece. It's the colour choice that bothers me - black would be too harsh and though a dark blue might work it would have to be just right. What I am tempted to do is add some copper coloured surface design but I need to think about how!

Whilst pondering this I've taken my first step down the 'What if?' Trail - What if the strips were wider? My first thought was to increase the width to about double, but that would take them to a rough 2.5". As they are cut fairly straight, albeit without a ruler, I thought they might end up looking like jelly roll strips so I went for 4" strips. I used five strips cut to the width of the fabric, so roughly two fat quarters of fabric which made a rectangle 24" x 26".

The end result is very staid and rather dull - I overlapped the strips as I pieced the first pairs by 4", it might have been better to have a smaller overlap which would have resulted in a less regimented look. Though next time I might be tempted to try strips in two different widths:

Having said that the fabric is dull, it is the lack of movement that I dislike, I deliberately chose a close colour palette as I'd want to use this as a background. But I was so disappointed that this experiment was on it's way to the back of my cupboard when it passed a piece of Magie Relph's fabric:

and suddenly things don't look so bad after all!!!


Nina Marie said...

ohhh love this - you chose one of my fav palettes! I did two abstract cross quilts using them - gotta get back after that! Can't wait to see the border you chose!

Katherine McNeese said...

love the colors and illumination.
not sure that it needs a border

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