Monday, May 16, 2016

On the edge ...

is the title of the 2016 CQ Challenge. I nearly didn't enter this year's challenge as the title didn't seem to fit with what I'm currently working on, which I'm still trying to verbalise! It has a lot to do with how adding and altering shapes impacts on the negative space around them...all closely linked with the idea of personal space.
But then whilst I was exploring my theme I asked myself what would happen if the shape was on the edge and a quilt was born and, to my surprise, accepted to be exhibited at a range of venues including:
  • Bramble Patch: 4th June to 11th June 2016
  •  The National Needlework Archive, Newbury: 1st October to 3rd November 2016 
  •  Quiltfest, Llangollen: 8th to 19th February 2017
  • Knitting & Stitching Show, Olympia, London: 2nd to 5th March 2017 
  • A selection of the quilts will also hang at the Grosvenor Autumn Shows in 2017  at Harrogate, Scottish Champs, Kent, Malvern and Duxford
A Point of Balance 60 cm x 100cm

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The Idaho Beauty said...

Mighty impressed with this one. Seems to say a lot in such a minimalist way. I used to enter a lot of themed challenges but like you, only if I already had an idea awaiting in the queue or was working on something that would fit the theme, seldom being intrigued with a theme and then working up a design for it. How interesting that the introduction of the theme made you look at your seemingly unrelated inquiries in a different way.