Thursday, June 09, 2016

12bythe dozen have begun a new round of challenges

 - we have to create a16" square piece based on the work of artists chosen by each member in turn.
The first artist chosen is Paul Klee - see to view his work.
I've enjoyed Klee's art for as  long as I can remember. I was attracted to his use of geometric shapes even before I took up quilting, so I looked for something new about his work and discovered that he included an enormous number of facial features in his work. They were sometimes the main feature as in Senecio or more abstracted as in Red Waistcoat.

I drew eyes, I sampled techniques, I pulled out some colour families and then went back to review Klee's faces again. That's when I saw 'House on the Water' .... It puzzled me, it felt unbalanced, my eye kept settling in different places, it seemed to lack focus. I wondered why, I tried cropping the image in different ways - those two light areas felt quilt uncomfortable. I covered the left hand area of the painting and suddenly the eyes were forgotten and a quilt was born!

The finished piece has slightly different proportions to the original, they didn't seem to work as well in the square format we had to use. I still feel uncomfortable for (Almost) copying my chosen painting but I really like the end result:

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The Idaho Beauty said...

I like this too. I see what you mean about a certain uneasiness in the square format but maybe that's a good thing. Have you given it a name? It makes me want to walk right through into the tan area and see what's there.