Monday, March 27, 2017

Mounting quilts on frames

is said to make it easier for a potential purchaser understand what to do with your quilt when they get it home. I've tried it one or twice but have never been happy with the finish, particularly on the corners which carry more bulk than elsewhere.

Having decided to create multiple small (6" x 6")pieces, abstracted from tiles on display in Salford Art Gallery I had to find a way around the problem and it seemed that attaching small finished 'quilts' to a painted canvas would have to be the way forward, but even this has it's drawbacks. If your quilt is anything less than square the engineered accuracy of the canvas shouts at the viewer. So I was delighted to have one of those 2am in the morning ideas and even more pleased that I could remember what it was when I woke up the next day!

This method involves ladder stitching the border fabric along the edge of the canvas but, having learned ladder stitching in the days of machine knitting, it's something that I enjoy.  One down, only nine to go ....

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