Sunday, October 01, 2017

And September rolls into October ....

and I'm still not stitching. But today I did go into my sewing room, I looked round to remind myself that it was still there and walked out again. Next time I'll do a bit of tidying up and I've identified some simple quilting to get started on, which will get me back into some kind of a routine.

I rarely add much personal info. to my blog but realise that the last couple of posts have been a bit obscure. I spent time at end of July/beginning of August finding somewhere suitable for my independent 98 year old Dad to move into. It was a long haul but somewhere was found. When I came back from holiday he became ill and spent his final fortnight in hospital over an hour away from where we live. Needless to say the last couple of weeks have been about dealing with the paperwork and making arrangements. Next Friday sees everything being handed over to a solicitor so I'm banking on having some breathing/sewing time as I find a new rhythm to my life.

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The Idaho Beauty said...

My condolences. Never easy to lose a parent, even when they've live a good long time as your dad did. Too bad the move didn't last longer for him to enjoy the new space and sad for him to spend his final days ill in hospital. Yes, you'll get back to your sewing when all is sorted out and it will be a comfort to you.