Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Finding my feet again ...

I might almost have managed two hours quilting so far this week - if you count talking, looking and thinking as well as stitching!
Several members of the NWCQ group met today at Manchester Craft Centre to see their Katab exhibition. The exhibition itself was small but it was great to be able to meet members and talk - we're usually far too busy 'doing' at our regular meetings to discuss our work and ideas and, in this case, our reaction to what we were looking at. As well as the exhibition we spent time looking at the various studios in the craft centre which is always a good way to promote ideas.

I've also begun my piece for the latest 12bythedozen challenge. The artist chosen for this round is Escher, whose work I like including a lot of his figurative prints which are much less well known than his later work on divided planes. Unfortunately it's almost as if his work is too well known - it feels as tough anything you think of, has been done - I can't wait to see what members of the group come up with, they're a good bunch of creative thinkers!

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The Idaho Beauty said...

I know what you mean about group meetings. I've always enjoyed going off on a "field trip" like this with just a few. Fun!

Good luck with the Escher thing. He's a favorite of mine and when I first started quilting, there were several of his designs that sparked ideas for converting or incorporating into my textile work. But alas, I never followed through. I know I still have my photocopy and notes somewhere. I'll have to see if I can find it. And then, enjoy seeing what you come up with.