Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Jean Lurcat .....

As I begin to consider an interpretation of the work of Afghanistani grafitti artists Shamsia Hassani. for the next 12bythedozen challenge I realise that I've not posted my piece for our last challenge here. The artist chosen as the focus for the challenge was Jean Lurcat - "a French artist noted for his role in the revival of contemporary tapestry." whose style was far too pointy for me to feel comfortable with. I looked for some consistency in subject matter, colour and layout and came up with a much simpler interpretation of one of his pieces:

It seemed that as a group our response to this artist was mixed but the results were exceptional. do take a look -

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The Idaho Beauty said...

I really like this piece. It has a warmth that may be particularly appealing right now as I am surrounded by snow and the general greyness of winter.

Not an artist I am familiar with but I did enjoy looking at what others in you group did with the challenge. I would have to agree with your assessment: the results of the challenge ARE exceptional.