Monday, July 23, 2007


After the last round robin which my group is in the throws of putting the last stitches to, in time for Harrogate, we felt we needed a bit of respite. So this time instead of doing a quilt each we're doing one between us - seven quilters = seven colours = a rainbow. We put the colours in the hat and I picked out red, my favourite. At first I was delighted but when I thought about it I realised that I could do red standing on my head - so I offered to swap. Not a good move, now I have indigo. After dyeing the colour wheel I felt reasonably well equipped to try dying tints of indigo. The first attempt 10 parts blue to one red was far too blue. I tried again, 9 parts blue to one part red, using the last of the blue dye and although I'm pleased with the tints - this is definitely not indigo. Obviously there are blues and blues ....

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