Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Never design a quilt without planning the quilting

That sounds like excellent advice, particularly as I have a small quilt top with no idea what to do on it! I had an idea and fortunately took sometime out to do a sample, because I didn't like the end result. Suggestions would be welcome but I really don't like the idea of quilting in the ditch.

When I looked for a photo to post I was shocked to find that I made the first block a year ago! I know that I work slowly and that the top has been layered for some time now - but a year???

This is the layout:

And this the colouring of a single block:

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The Idaho Beauty said...

When all else fails, I opt for diagonal gridwork. I think it would work well on this quilt. Also, you could quilt a small version of the star in the center square of the block.