Sunday, October 14, 2007

Unbalanced ????

I've lost my way a bit recently. I'm doing lots of things - some work related, some textile related and picked up on the walking again, but somehow they aren't finding their way any where. They're not on the blog and neither are there any finished projects and it has made me realise that I do need to see something for my efforts. What I'm admitting to myself of course is that a little bit of self discipline is called for! I'm close to finishing a small piece that has come out of the stamping exercises which continue at odd moments - I must finish it and post it asap.

On the other hand I received a copy of Fabrications through the post the other day. It isn't a magazine that I buy, but I had been sent a copy because it contained a photo of the group quilt that I entered into Harrogate. (Our Round Robin have been making a point of entering each year as a means of supporting the show.) The quilt now has a picture frame style border:


sharon young said...

Hi Linda
I like this quilt it has a charming uncluttered feel about it and the colours are very clam, giving the whole piece a tranquil feel.
I know what you mean about not completing any- thing at the moment, I'm in the same boat with endless sampling for the C&G, but I suppose it has to be done in order to move forward!
I hope you don't mind but I have tagged you - see my blog for details. Hope you'll participate - it is just for fun!

Val said...

What a lovely quilt. It has a nostalgia feel about it. And don't you feel that this time of the year is a bit unsettling anyway? With back to school/college/classes; end of summer and change of weather. Suddenly its all rush and not enough relaxation. That's how I find it anyway.

judy stephens said...

Hi Linda
I love your quilt and instantly recognised that view - it's the St Ives Art Club, isn't it! You have captured it perfectly. So perfectly I instantly got itchy feet and now want a trip to St Ives.
I too suffer from the excess of bits and pieces syndrome. It is very hard to focus, I find.