Thursday, June 26, 2008

June TIF - the 'How I did it' bit

Several people have asked whether I write on the fabric before I stitch so I thought I'd show you what I worked from.

Having planned what I wanted to write I wrote it out on paper at an appropriate scale - no lines here. I didn't know what distance I wanted the lines to be I could only imagine it in my head, so I wrote first and measured after! If you click on the image to look closely at the right hand side you might see marks made, after I'd finished the writing, that indicate the distance between the lines of text. I measured these and took an average - in this case 0.75" and marked the lines on my fabric. Then I took text and fabric to the machine and stitched. In stitching slowly, i.e. carefully, the lettering came out rounder and slightly larger than I'd planned hence the need to edit it somewhat.

Karoda asked whether I plan to make a cloth book. It's an interesting idea but I think my butterfly mind will have moved on before I get that far!!!

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Karoda said...

i can see this done in a very large series of quilts...and even much larger quilts in a large series...prolly because this is where my head is with my own work. but don't throw the idea out with the bath water. just imagine viewers standing in front of your quilt reading the story/message?!