Tuesday, June 17, 2008

June TIF

The challenge for this month's TIF is "stories that are and stories that are possible" stemming from thought's about fabric stashes. Follow the link above to read more about this.

As I had already decided to continue working with machine stitched lettering, regardless of the challenge, to be asked to work with a story was a gift - I would tell one. But what and why? My brain has been full recently, future changes in the day job have been very distracting and I couldn't think clearly about the challenge, until it dawned on me that if the problems at work were consuming so much of my thinking time then they should be the story.

Alongside this I have been looking at textile work and prints where the alignment of body colour and outline are deliberately not registered correctly and wanted to incorporate this idea in the June TIF. I had a photograph taken of me sitting at my desk writing and used this as a pattern, but was unable to simplify the outline enough to use the idea of mis-aligning the image. Another time perhaps.

I've written about thee ideas because I've little record of how this developed. The only sketchwork has been to do some writing at the size I wanted so that I could measure how far apart I should draw the guidelines. I roughly sketched the area where I wanted the picture of my back and that was it. The rest was done in my head. When it came to stitching the story I could fit fewer words on a line than I expected so it is both abbreviated and truncated, though I never had any intention that there would be an ending!

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Anne Wigfull said...

when do we get to see this, Linda? I'm fascinated to see if the images conjured up by your words will bear any resemblance to the reality of the piece.