Saturday, July 05, 2008

I'm stuck!

I printed this lettering at last year's CQ Summer School in a class with Angie Hughes I pulled the pieces out recently and stitched and trimmed them then put them down on some fabric to think about what to do next. (The close colourway is sheer co-incidence!)

But I can't move on - there is something about the layout of the words on the fabric that reminds me of something and I can't remember what! I suspect I may be going back to the 60's or 70's - perhaps a poster campaign of some sort. It isn't that I want to replicate the memory, I'm trying to avoid it - but the frustration of not quite being able to remember is immense!


Anne Wigfull said...

The layout reminds me of some sort of vintage poster, advert or similar, possibly WW1 era, with a man pointing at the viewer, big moustache, plastered down hair with middle parting and a striped top of some sort that for some reason makes me think of very old style bathing suits. Now look what you've done! It's bothering me too:¬}

margaret said...

Perhaps what Anne is thinking of is

and perhaps it's not...!

I'm wondering about 60s/70s psychedelia - but wasn't in this country at that time, so it may well be something "very english" that's being referenced for you? Perhaps playing with the piece will help the memory pop out?