Monday, September 22, 2008

Life without blogging .....

...... I thought that I'd log in tonight to record the fact that I haven't been blogging, only to find that it's exactly a month since I last posted.

Have I missed the process? To be honest with myself - less than I thought, and it's not that I lack finished work (albeit small) to blog about - it's more that I've nothing to say about it, other than 'here it is'. That is a worry.


sharon young said...

Hi Linda
Good to see you on my bloglines :-)
I know exactly what you mean re the work.
I've been busy too but don't feel enthused enough to show what I've done, I don't know if that's because the weather's been difficult for photographing it or whether I don't like the work enough to show it, so as you say it's a bit of a worry.

Val said...

Yep that's exactly how I feel but have prodded myself into at least being a weekly writer. I always look to see if you've written anything. Don't worry about the writing just put up the pictures!

Mai-Britt Axelsen said...

I have had lapses too - but then when I do get back I get very excited about it.

Please do get back, pictures or otherwise - you do have a loyal fan club ;O)

The Idaho Beauty said...

So What's wrong with "Here it is?" We don't need lots of words all the time. We just love to see the work.