Monday, November 24, 2008

Power hours

Sometimes you feel as though someone knows you better than you know yourself! This came in last week from Robert Genn's 'Painters keys' -

"In my part-time, unpaid job as an art coach, I hear from folks who are suffering from lackadaisicalitis. While they may be naturally talented, they seldom produce art and have little motivation. It's easy to say they don't want things badly enough. ................ The idea comes easily to some and runs against the grain of others. It may have something to do with fear of failure. "Organizational fatigue" is where a person gets tired of being in systems that are frequently aborted. In supposedly self-motivated lives, I call this problem "the contrarian trap," and some folks have it in spades.

lackadaisicalitis, seldom produce, fear of failure and particularly, organizational fatigue - I recognise them all. The very fact that my last post was full of re-iterations of things that I can already do proves how far I have retreated recently and that a boost is needed.

Genn goes on to suggest dedicated 'Power Hours' planned into the day and I think this has to be something I try as soon as possible!

Ho goes on to suggest dedicated pre-planned 'Power Hours'

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The Idaho Beauty said...

There's so much talk about fear of failure, but I struggle just as much with fear of success. I think it is a real problem that the "experts" are ignoring.

My theory goes like this: Success leads to expectations and needing to be responsible. Maybe I don't want the responsibility that comes with success. I might have to sacrifice some of my freedom. I might have to work harder than I really want. I might feel more pressure to produce certain things. I might have to be accountable to a public that will start running my life. I might lose control and lose the enjoyment of doing what I do.

And THAT fear is what I think can then lead to the other fears.

Does any of that make sense?