Sunday, November 16, 2008

Taking a weekend off!

I've been 'home alone' for a change and decided to take the weekend off, doing nothing but the essential chores. No plans, no list, nothing! So what happened, other than a lovely walk in the sunshine this morning? This happened:

This small (4" x 3") notebook. I continue to struggle to get a smooth sating stitch finish when I'm edging fabric, and rather than just practice, this happened. It will go into the Tombola at our next exhibition.

This bag was made for my groups Chritsmas challenge - use the two black and white fabrics with one other colour to make a gift for someone. I finished up with a square inch of the darker fabric left!
I caught up with my blog reading, including a description of layering painted bondaweb on crumpled paper. Can't read without trying!!!

I explored stiffening this bag with buckram. The shape is good, but I'm not sure how the buckram will hold up in use. Still a bit of work to do on this! I'm hoping, if successful, to use it for work, it has pockets for all the work related gear I cary around plus space in the centre for the usual handbag 'stuff'!!!! The colour is less washed out than appears in the photo.
All this activity and the lack of colour in the above photo are down to this:
I realise that I've had the whole weekend to finish positioning the colours in the piece and have successfully avoided doing so. I've been playing about with this for the last few weeks moving a piece here, replacing a fabric there but not committing to anything - these weekend was going to be decision time - oops!


sharonb said...

Linda just wanted to thanks you for your comment on my blog as you did not leave an email addy I have been poking about here - I am glad I did as its a great blog

Margaret Cooter said...

You obviously had a "playful" time of it!