Monday, November 10, 2008

World Studio Clearup Day

Margaret asked "Should there be a World Studio Clearup Day, perhaps? " It sounds like a good idea to me and what better time of year, as we (in the Northern hemisphere) face the downhill run into winter - it would be the antithesis of the traditional Spring Clean.

But a day? I could clear up part of the room in a day but the whole room?????????? So I officially declare November 9th (I like alliteration) as the start of WSCW, before and after pictures on blogs please!


Julie said...

What a good idea! I have been aiming at a clear up in my own areas all month but I'm not doing too well so far. As it's now Nov 11th I'm a bit late but I'll do my best! :o)

Anne Wigfull said...

Well! I was going to join this and win any prizes going for the untidiest room in blogland,I even took some photos, but then DH needed somewhere dry to store some chunks of apple tree until he can wax the ends.....I think this may disqualify me? :-}