Wednesday, August 26, 2009

FOQ Reflections - 1

As always it takes some time to assimilate everything you see and hear at FOQ, so there could be several posts on this subject!

The easiest to record is the Little Gem Tombola, which I think I can safely say was a success. We superceeded the targets we set ourselves, eventually receiving around 2,000 Little gem quilts which in turn raised more than £9,500 for The Guild's quilt museum at St. Anthony's in York.

For me the success was as much about the atmosphere around the stand and people's responses to making and winning these little quilts. The Guild used to work under the banner "spread the word, share the pleasure" and this was what the Little gem project has been about.

Members of the LG team before FOQ opened

A closer look at some of the contributions (click on picture for more detail.)

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