Thursday, August 27, 2009

FOQ - Reflections 2

Perhaps it was the time spent on the tombola stand or in the galleries but I feel as though I bought less than anyone else in blogworld - the Quilt National Book, Chungie Lee's Pojagi and beyond book, a piece of silk organza and some threads seems to some it up.

Having watched (and listened) to Margaret's hand stitching in the Pojagi class (more on this tomorrow perhaps?) I decided that it is time to give it a go. I've always been frustrated by my lack of speed when hand-stitching, but that is missing the point entirely so I bought a mixed pack of perle cotton from Winifred Cottage. I deliberately chose a colour mix that I don't normally work with. The following day having mulled over the pojagi class I decided that I had the germ of an idea for next CQ challenge and bought some silk organza from Mulberry Silks.

No one could have been more surprised than I was when I finally unpacked my goodies, they weren't bought to go together, I'm not sure that they ever will, but I'm left wondering where the influence for these colour choices came from.

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