Monday, September 27, 2010

Time to reflect?

I was surprised when I looked at the calendar to see that it's only two months since I retired - it feels as though it ought to have been longer! But I'm pleased about the timescale as I've become aware that my new life has not really developed any rhythms of its' own and I've been wondering why!
Some things are happening - the house is (marginally) cleaner for a start and I've joined a Pilates class and a walking group. I got into, lost, and regained the habit of going into my workroom each morning and doing whatever calls me.
But there are some things that I want to do that aren't happening. I want to make more time for reading - at the moment reading during the day still feels very decadent, I want to be out of the house more and I want to make better use of this blog.
Changes in the health and well-being of a couple of close family members have made demands on my time, but life is always going to throw such things into the mix so I have to work around them.
Reading and going out more are things I can give myself a stern "talking to" about and will happen as I continue to adjust, but I do need to ponder the blog usage. I enjoy the communication side of blogging but I also want to use it to record my quilting progress, my ideas and decision making. There are bloggers who illustrate and discuss the different stages of their work, which I find interesting to read. I also think that recording my thoughts in this way would help me clarify them more. Idaho Beauty's blog is a good example of this approach.
So why isn't this happening? One thing I struggle with is getting photos onto the blog once I've rembered to take them, which is the other stumbling block! Technically it isn't a problem but it seems so long winded, camera in hand, photos taken, camera linked up to PC, photos transferred and saved, cropped if necessary and finally uploaded to blog. Am I missing something that would make this task easier? I've tried the camera on my phone, but more often than not find the wireless failing at some point.  Perhaps it needs a change of attitude rather than a change of technique!


Unknown said...

Hi Linda
I enjoyed reading your ramblings. I try to record my projects as I go along and I think it really helps to let me look back and see what I have achieved each day. I think it also helps me plan my next days working. There is no easy way of taking photos other than take them on a very low resolution and take them only for the blog so you should not really need to crop them.
I love looking at what people are doing and how they are progressing with their work. I find it annoying that it is not good practice to post images of work that is going to be entered into a competition.
See you Thursday

Margaret Cooter said...

As Gillian says, you can use the photos of work in progress as a "studio journal" - maybe taking a photo before going to make coffee (midway) and at the end of the session is enough - it's likely to be a record of the progress of the work, rather than a tutorial. So at the end of the week you'd have 10 photos to choose a few from, and can add words about the processes, evaluation, next steps, further inspiration, etc.... Of course there are many ways to tackle this process!

The Idaho Beauty said...

I'm catching up on blog reading so am just now discovering your mention of my blog - thank you! You have accurately described my approach, why I do it. Yes, the photos and the explanations do take a lot of time, but because I do it regularly, the pausing to take shots during the process and the prepping of them for the blog have become second nature. Like anything, you get in a rhythm. I wouldn't devote as much time as I do to it if I didn't think it was valuable to me AND to my readers.

Still, you no doubt have noticed my postings have slowed down a lot recently. Going through a bit of a slump, not feeling like I had anything worth saying, not having the energy to say it if I did. I trust my readers will understand. If not, well, the blog is for me first, them second. I'm getting my wind back and posting more and enjoying the process again.

Everyone has to find their own comfort zone, purpose and time they are willing to devote to a blog. You'll find yours.