Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tuareg crosses - if not the camera, perhaps the scanner

These two scans are of sketches done during a meeting of North West members of the Contemporary Quilt group.

Magie Relph brought along along her collection of Tuareg crosses and a selection of related books for us to use as a basis for sketch. We each spent the morning working in our own way with a range of materials. After lunch we had a show and tell, and discussed how the sketches could be translated into fabric.
I was particularly taken with the idea of these crosses being passed from father to son, hence the quote in the righthand sketch. At the moment I'm thinking that the pattern in the left hand sketch will provide a print background for the cross section and quote on the right. As for colour, none came to mind during the day and a search on the internet kept pointing me to a certain car manufacturer! But changing my search phrase brought up a link to which searches Flickr by tag and then pulls up a palette based on the image. The palettes can be viewed as vibrant or dull and I was rather taken initially by this:

But will probably find it hard to resist this more vibrant palette:


Sandra Wyman said...

Thanks for the link to colour hunter - I foresee many happy hours of innocent amusement ahead!

Margaret Cooter said...

That bit of blue really lifts the palette - makes it vibrate - go for it...!