Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mid (Quilting) life crisis

I've never been into baby quilting, ever, so where did these come from?

I suspect that these two cot quilts are my brains' re-action to all the changes and learning that has been going on recently. In their different ways both are based on simple stitch, cut and re-stitch methods that are fairly brainless. No awards for the first to say that they are like their maker.....


Sandra Wyman said...

Not getting broody are you?

If it's any consolation I responded to the need to make Beyond Comfort (SAQA) and suitcase collection pieces by giving myself over to making a Kaffe Fasset designed bedquilt make up of 2" squares. Maybe it's like letting a field lie fallow so we can be more productive later?

Michelle said...

Wherever they came from, they're wonderful -- I love the yellow one!