Friday, October 15, 2010

Improvisational piecing

This picture shows several samples from a very enjoyable one day workshop with Sandra Grusd. Anyone standing near me would have been able to hear my brain clicking as ideas dropped into place.
The odd thing is that after Elizabeth Barton's workshop I was clear that planning and drawing (with whatever tool was appropriate) was the way forward. After Sandra's workshop it seemed that fabric and improvisation were the way to go!!
The truth is, there is a place for both. I have had a structure for a quilt in mind for some time but not been able to do anything other than create outlines. (Drawing the plan) With lessons learned in Sandra's workshop I can now create the yardage (fabric and improvisation) that will go into that quilt. But don't expect anything too soon - there are several other quilts in the queue!
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Sandra Wyman said...

Looks exciting - and sounds like a really good workshop too!