Monday, January 16, 2012

CQ JQ Challenge 2012

This years challenge sounds wonderful! We are back to A4 size and portrait orientation has been stipulated but once again the challenge has additional requirements  - namely that at least 75% of the JQ has to be in shades and tints of one colour; red for the first four, yellow for the second four and blue for the final four. Hmmmm - who likes a nice bit of red then ......

Yesterday I took myself  up to my workroom and  pulled out my red fabrics, I also had with me this sketchbook spread and some digital images that I'd created from it. I saw a whole year of kitchen paraphanalia in front of me:

So why did my first JQ end up like this?

I had previously decided that I wanted one other colour that would run through the twelve months to give them some kind of identity and once that hand-dyed green jumped out at me the rest of it just happened. The fact that Santa gave me these books this Christmas -
probably had nothing to do with the outcome at all!!!

Producing a piece in this style which has specific colour proportions is not that difficult as it's easy to check how much other colour you are using -

but those members who work in a more representational style will no doubt find this year's requirements far more challenging - I can't wait to see the results!

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Cynthia St Charles said...

Thanks for sharing these books on your blog - it is great to learn about them.