Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Another massage for the ego - albeit a tiny one.

The 8" x 8" block that I made for the CQ Diversity challenge has made it into this month's Popular Patchwork 

I'm the first to admit that it is there because it fits with the article text but there is something rather good about seeing your name in print. I never thought that it would make a difference  - but it does, who would have thought it? The article, if not the whole quilt was master-minded by Hilary. Now if I was as good or prolific a quilter as she is that really would be something to shout about!

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indigocarole said...

Yes, I forgot to say I spotted your block, when I visited the QM the other week. I wasn't too struck on the whole quilt, but liked a lot of the individual ones.