Wednesday, June 20, 2012

MMU Degree Show

MMU now Manchester School of Art has long had an excellent reputation for its textiles so it I was delighted to be able to go to the show yesterday.  On asking Ruth who organised the trip what she thought her response exactly summed up my feelings 'Underwhelmed' was her reply.
I had thought that I would see a wide range of work and capabilities and perhaps a star or two but it seemed to me that nothing really stood out and I actually became more interested in the standard of presentation than the displays themselves. Only a few students managed a cohesive display that said something more about their work/style than 'Here it is'. In several instances the work on display on the web is better presented - Heather Tribe managed to be different in her presentation as did this student whose name I have mislaid:

In other areas the work of (Illustration) and Vincent Ratcliff (3D Design) both appealed, Ria for her observation and Vincent for his marketable products.

It all made me wonder how the courses have changed over the years. Talking to Ruth and friends it seems that there is much less teaching and far more learning by doing, which doesn't seem fair on the students somehow. What the show did make me realise is how good is the standard of work and presentation of the students who display their work at FOQ each year!

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