Friday, September 07, 2012

1 UFO + 1 Free afternoon = 1 Book wrap

The Contemporary Quilt group are once again organising the tombola in support of the Quilters’ Guild Museum and Gallery in York at FOQ 2013. The theme for this tombola is bookwraps - for more details see  The Festival of Quilts 2013 will take place from August 8 – 11 at the NEC, Birmingham, England.

My sewing room is in a state of flux so when I came across a UFO that was about to finally go in the bin I decided to make something of it. This piece is a left over from the days when I still thought that I could fulfil my dream to create pieces using fabric collage, embroidery etc.  (Now older and wiser I have come to accept that this kind of technique just isn't me, no matter how much I try!)

Cut to an approximate size I could cope with the machine embroidery and a bit of couching to give the piece a bit more of a finish:

My apologies for the quality of the photo, we have been having some sun and I've forgotten to make adjustments for it! With a bit of fudging to achieve a flap for the book that still allowed the best of the fabric to cover the front my first book cover is done, I suspect it won't be the last!


Nina Marie said...

ohhh wow - great! I would love this because everytime you picked up the book - you would feel the texture of the wrap. It would make a great pressie too for a friend who really appreciated your work (a - that's NOT a hint though - LOL!)

Sandy said...

oooh, oooh, oooh TEacher, please can I have that one? For a sample of course.
Very Very good. It was meant to be a book wrap.
Sandy in Bracknell

Lisa Chin said...

That turned out fabulous! Book wraps are a great way to recycle a piece.

Katherine McNeese said...

gorgeous bookwrap!

Anonymous said...

I love the textures in your UFO, and I will eye my UFOs to use for book covers. What a great idea!

Deborah OHare said...

Came here from Off The Wall Friday and find that we are QGBI Calender sisters.(I am Miss September!)
Love the book wrap.

Dianne Robinson said...

Lovely transition from UFO to work of art

Unknown said...

Wow that is beautiful texture thanks for sharing.
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