Friday, September 14, 2012

Cogitating not stitching

Some time ago one of the groups I belong to set some parameters for our first exhibited pieces. There is a theme but it is broad enough for a series of work not just one piece. We've also set ourselves a size and format. I've been mulling this over for quite a while, months in fact, without success but yesterday I realised what it is that is holding me back. I thought that I'd been struggling with the theme but it is actually the format that is the problem because it will break into the design of the quilt. I've been working on designs that will fit into the format but now it is time to let that go and think only of the design. Hopefully once that is established I'll be able to add the format as an additional design element, which is probably how I should have been thinking of things all along!

Will I ever stop thinking literally? -

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