Monday, September 17, 2012

When in doubt make a bookwrap

I'm still playing around with design ideas, today I stuck together a full size template of half the finished piece and it is big - or at least it seems big when you've been in an A4/12" groove for a couple of years!

So rather than overly worry myself about this project I turned to the other end of the scale and made another bookwrap for the Bookwrapgem tombola . This time I used a quilt made for Contemporary Quilts' first ever group challenge 'Primary Colours'. I unearthed this piece when I sorted out my sewing room and as it was looking a little sad from it's sojourn in the dark recesses of my cupboard I thought that it deserved a new lease of life!


Joyofquilting said...

It looks quite opulant in that rich red. Makes me want to unbutton it and discover what is inside. I know it will be a blank book but oh the possibilities.
Well done. What a good idea to use a up pieces of work laying around too.

Hilary said...

Linda, did you REALLY cut up your Primary Colours piece?! Shock, horror! That was incredibly brave and generous of you. It does look very good though.