Monday, June 24, 2013

RIP Google Reader

Google Reader keeps reminding me that it will be closing on July 13th and I wonder what impact this will have on people's blog reading and writing habits.

I've used a reader of some sort ever since I realised that following blogs was likely to be something I'd do on a regular basis and Google Reader quickly became my first choice. I've exported my reading list to both Feedly and Old Reader but I'm not totally comfortable with either, yet.

But more importantly I wonder about those people who aren't ready when Google closes or who perhaps lose their list of RSS feeds? (I'll only know that my exports have been totally successful once Google has closed!) will they laboriously re-create their reading lists? I suspect not. And what then of the impact on those who write blogs and see their visit numbers drop off? My blog is written for me, it's not a journal but it does mark points in my quilt making that I don't record elsewhere. So whilst I'm not driven by visitor numbers many other blogs that I read that are. Only time will tell.

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