Friday, June 14, 2013

Time for thought

One of the benefits of making quilts from my own made fabric is that a lot of the construction can be done on auto pilot. I can put the radio on and let my mind wander and just recently it has wandered off along the 'What next?' path and a theme I keep coming back to is that of exploitation in the industrial process. I already have the different pieces relating to tin and clay mining and have always been interested in the industrial revolution here in the UK.

It's a sad reflection of our inability to learn from the past that people are still suffering from this kind of exploitation today. So today I have begun garnering copyright free images starting with  . I'm going to have to do a lot more stitching before any firm ideas develop, but it's a start:


Margaret Cooter said...

Excellent theme ... there's a lot can be said about this. Looking forward to seeing developments!

Peneller said...

That's a big theme Linda and will keep you busy for a while! Looking forward to seeing the results.