Saturday, September 28, 2013

The demise of Google Reader

Some time ago I pondered on the impact of the demise of Google Reader, which was such an easy tool to use.  I'm now using Feedly having trialled one or two alternatives, it's O.K. but doesn't make commenting on a blog as easy as before.
More significantly I happened to take a rare peek at my visitor numbers, they were never high - I can't do self publicity, but it seems that they have halved with the loss of Google Reader. Typically for this time of year my posts are less frequent which may be part of the reason but there also seems to have been an increase in blog-style posts on Facebook.
I'm on Facebook, but like many people my age use it as much for keeping up with my family as anything else.  I can't imagine using Facebook to keep track of the projects that I'm working on, but interesting images appear from time to time:

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The Idaho Beauty said...

I too wondered what would happen when Google Reader went away. My stats seemed to have stayed pretty much the same. I have no way of knowing how many of my followers were using Google Reader to follow my blog, but I myself just loved it. I now wonder about new followers, how I will know when someone new decides to add me to their feedreader of choice. I rather like that little group in the sidebar that had chosen to follow me that way, was always excited when I noticed someone new had joined.