Thursday, February 25, 2016

No picture, no post!

My workroom is a hive of activity at the moment!  I've literally just finished quilting one piece, there's a another in sections on the design wall and pieces for a smaller variant waiting to be put together. That's aside from the sketch for the next piece and a gift quilt which is awaiting binding hanging over the banister in the hallway.
So why no posts with all this activity to talk about? Well my techniques are fairly traditional quilting techniques so probably not very interesting to experienced quilters and none of the pieces are sufficiently finished to photograph!
I could just write about what I've been doing, but I've realised that I have quite a big mental barrier blogging without a photograph to illustrate the post! This came about as a result of reading a book, which I will blog about in due course, in which one of the exercises was to identify 'barriers to progress'. I've always enjoyed blogging, it gives me time to think and it's fun to look back over the posts I've written since I joined Blogger way back in 2004, so it's good to have found a way back in, all I need to do now is make writing a habit again .... 
And here's a gratuitous photo, just to make me feel better!


Leah Higgins said...

Hi Linda, well you can probably guess what I'm going to say ... Waiting until something is finished before sharing! I love seeing your work in progress. And not 'arty' enough - so what, any stitching is better than no stitching! So pleased to hear about all the activity! Leah

Margaret Cooter said...

What is the book? ... curious minds need to know!!